God's day. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24

The Things we do for Love

Originally published on four moms June 17, 2009


Let me start this post by saying I have a bird phobia.  Bugs, snakes, spiders…no problem.  Birds, yucko!  There is a long story that goes with it, including some nasty events that happened while working at a pet store in high school.

But I love my children enough to put aside my phobia apparently.



We are visiting my parents and my mom (who teaches first grade) lovingly timed the hatching of the classroom chicks for our visit.  Ever since his first visit to the orchard where these babies are destined to go, my son has been talking about chickens of his own if we ever move to a ‘farm’ one day.  He saw the grown version eat bugs, the fallen fruit and kitchen scraps and got to collect eggs and fell in love with the idea of his own chickens to take care off ‘all by himself.’  Liam is a true farmer at heart and has lots of work stamina to go along with it.  (My favourite thing he says about the chicks is ‘mommy chickens are powerful messers’ with great admiration.)  This visit Raine was just as impressed and loves to gently hold these babies – no fears inherited from her mother at all.

So even though I have had to pick up baby chicks (at some sacrifice to myself – imagine whatever you think is the last thing you would want to pick up to think about how I feel) I have in turn been blessed by seeing my children enthralled with yet another part of God’s creation.  I cannot tell you how many hours they have spent studying these babies.  Their absolute wonder and excitement for all things God created is one of the greatest gifts I receive from being a mother.  I cannot help but see only miracles and  joy, instead of something icky, when looking at life through the eyes of my children.



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