God's day. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24

Making time for rest

Originally published on four moms October 28, 2009

Ever since I have become a mother and more so since I became a mother to two wonderful children instead of one (and I only imagine it increases with each child) I have struggled trying to find some balance of how to spend my time.  I am sure every mother feels this way – time to spend as a family, time to spend with God, time as a couple, time alone, time with friends, time to clean, cook, manage the house and for many moms time to go to paid work!  Not a list that is easy to prioritize and mine is always continually shifting which item has priority status.

Right now for me seems to be a season for paying more attention to my own health (and everyone else’s too, but the kid’s was never neglected like my own has been.)  I have always considered myself a ‘healthy’ person and I am hardly ever sick.  That said, lots of healthy living things had fallen by the wayside that now I am trying to make time for again.  As a mother I am just realizing it is more important for me to stay healthy to properly take care of my kids than cling to my semi-idol like list of to-dos.   Right now I need to make some time for things that do not really have any visible results and that is really hard for me.  Things like going to bed at an hour where I can get enough sleep.  Napping while my daughter naps and letting my son watch a video for a while.  Doing yoga or going on a long walk/run almost every day.  (I like Yoga Short Forms with David Swenson because there are 15, 30 or 45 minute choices and this new website here which also has lots of free quick videos).  Eating properly, taking my own vitamins and drinking enough water.

God talks often about getting enough rest in the bible.  He made the Sabbath just for that purpose.  He also made daylight just for that purpose, but we now have electricity that makes it really easy not to rest when it is dark.  Resting feels really good – it is the other stuff that is hard to handle.  My house is a disaster and I am having to let other things go as well (and no I will NOT show a picture) and it also is taking up most of my time after the kids go to bed.  But maybe that is good too – I need a good rest with my creator right now and it has me thinking about how when resting in Him it is so much easier to listen to Him and follow Him.  And put my own to-do list aside to do just that.


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