God's day. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24

Eleven years

Originally published on four moms August 26, 2009

For eleven years  I have had the absolute blessing of being this mans wife.

July 2009 377

Just to let you know what a gem he is, although we had big plans for our anniversary, we spent the day dealing with a bad flu bug (me) and an ER trip for a baby girl.  Instead of being disappointed (alone time is something cherished here), he took the kids for me all day so I could sleep until I felt better, cooked for everyone and rented a chick flick for us to watch in the evening, after the baby and I returned from the x-ray place.

We were married quite young (very young by today’s standards) and have been through some trying circumstances together.  One thing I am so grateful though, is that through it all we have always loved each other.

We have changed in ways that neither of us would have guessed or been able to plan for, and at the end of each and every day of our marriage (even though we have occasionally been angry) I have always, without reservation, loved this man immensely.  To me, that is what I am seeing as of late as special about a marriage with God involved.  There may be circumstances that would make not loving and even leaving easier, but with God, He urges us to love, to keep the promises we made and to remain faithful to Him and each other. To be patient, kind, sacrificial.   To cherish, to forgive, to respect, to forget.  To live joyfully in each others presence, have lots of fun and relish what you love about the other.

Aaron, there is too much I relish about you to write.  I’m glad I get the rest of our lives to cherish all the joy we have together.

July 2009 384


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