God's day. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24

1000 Gifts

32.  Beautiful weather.

33.  A newly painted main floor – not intended but necessary after painting touch ups where the paint didn’t match anymore, leaving us with a camouflage style.

34.  In-laws who gave their Saturday off to come and help us get the painting done all in one day.

35.  A Sunday to rest, following a day of hard work.

36.  Reading with my kids.

37.  Anticipating key lime pie throw down ‘Bobby Flay’ style with my husband.  (We don’t have cable but loved watching food network on vacation.)  I fully anticipate loosing for the record, but get to eat two kinds of key lime pie, so really it’s a win, win situation.

38.  Planting the beginnings of Easter garden’s with the mothers at a mom’s group I co-organize, for them to take home and embellish with their kiddos.

39.  The peace that passeth all understanding.  Even when I am unsure of the future.

40.  The smell of homemade bread.

41.  A husband to leave my kids with when I want to go out without them.

42.  Nature walks – never fail to sooth my soul.

43.  The possibility of an early spring – a peak of rhubarb sticking up a red branch.

44.  Knowing the snow that fell yesterday and today will be melted soon.


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