God's day. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24

1000 Gifts

A few gifts cherished from this past week:

13. Love day with my most cherished.

14.  Seeing a long awaited movie with a few friends.

15.  A haircut.

16.  A growing miracle I am so amazed to be a part of.

17.  Feeling those baby acrobatics.

18.  Ability to give comfort in her favourite carrier to the (still) sick little girl and her favourite kitty cat

19.  Cherishing every minute of this girls babyhood – from her cuddles to her mispronounced words – just every little thing.

20.  Watching the Olympics with great excitement and all the discussions it leads to. (Athletics, who gets to go, different countries where they are, what they do there, what they eat there, what language they speak there, sports gear, precious metals, what makes us happy, what first, second and third mean, what makes you ‘the best’ at something, Canada…)

21.  Dreaming about this coming summer’s garden with my son.  What we could grow if we had the room!

22.  Ordering what we do have room for and thinking of all the yummy meals we will get from the space we are afforded.

23. The power of prayer.

24.  Good friends and kindred spirits.

25.  The indoor swimming pool – all the energy we get out there in the winter.

26.  Potlucks – the fellowship and the food.

27.  The first homemade brownie recipe I love.

28.  That God never ceases to amaze me and that God loves me and wants to complete his good work in me and all the ways he goes about this – try as I might I cannot fathom this.

29.  Watching my son learn and his passion for doing so.

30.  Hearing my son say ‘I love Jesus and he lives in my heart’.

31.  Jesus and the fact that he lives in my heart.

31. Agape love.


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