God's day. This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24

One Small Change

One thing that draws me to reading blogs are all the inspiration and strange sense of community you can find (even though I don’t know most of the people whose blogs I read in real life.)

Late last year, I was inspired by an idea featured at Hip Mountain Mama – called One Small Change.  It challenged participants to make one change that would benefit the earth every month until Earth Day.  I appreciate how this challenge seems so doable (so hopefully lots of people take up the challenge) and know that small changes add up.  I am taking a slightly different approach, where my change can be good for the earth or the earth’s people.  In January I decided not to buy any more chocolate that isn’t free trade.  So far it has been pretty easy.  I haven’t run out of chocolate chips yet, and had already been buying free trade chocolate bars (three tiny squares make up a treat now).  When I run out of chocolate chips, it will be a special trip into the city to get some free trade ones, or I can order a bulk order of free trade though a food co-op I belong to.

For February my change was going to be buying reusable stainless steel straws.  We drink a lot of smoothies, and I do wash our straws for a few uses, but eventually they still end up in the recycling.  (At which point I hope they are actually recycled, but one never knows for sure.) Unfortunately I haven’t found a place that ships them to Canada yet, or a place that sells them here, so although I am not giving up, it won’t be our change for this month.  Instead, I am going to hang our laundry to dry.  I do this all the time from April-October in the glorious outdoors, but never in the winter.  My dryer dependency sob (love?) story has to do with having a main floor washer in the back entrance with no where there to hang to dry, and where there is room in the basement, it is so cold, things take forever to dry.  Oh, and letting laundry pile up, so it is feasibly impossible to hang it all to dry, as there is just so much to do.  I am going to do my best at doing a load every weekday, hanging to dry right after it finishes, and folding the batch from the day before.  Here is hoping I hang in there – I have been ‘avoiding’ doing this for over a year 🙂


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